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Understand A Few of the Factors That Lead To Vaginal Dryness among Many Women

Women who have experienced vaginal dryness understand better how uncomfortable this situation can be. Although even some younger women may experience vaginal dryness for some reasons, those ranging between 40 and 59 years are the most affected of all. This health condition makes it hard for the victims to enjoy intercourse since bleeding, pain, and discomfort is what they experience often. If you know of any woman with this health problem, it’s good to know they might have developed it due to certain factors.

As most urogynecologists would put it, hormonal changes are some of the major causes of vaginal dryness that some women experience. All women experience hormonal changes, but they do come in different ways and at various levels. Most people associate vaginal dryness with menopause since it’s more prevalent at this stage, but you shouldn’t forget that the pregnant women are also victims of this problem. Some women today take some pills to control when they would get pregnant, but some of them don’t know the dryness effect these pills come with.

Any woman experiencing vaginal dryness now needs to visit a reputable urogynecologist to know the other effects this problem may have on their health. It is in order to ask any urogynecologist how competent and qualified they are before you let them handle this sensitive reproductive health problem. If you find that some women weren’t happy with the services they got from them, you need to be cautious and find out why. You would be surprised to know that some women ignore the early signs of vaginal dryness and they end up in a miserable situation later.

Another major contributor to this devastating health problem is stress associated with relationships. When the spouses stress each other in their relationship, it’s hard for the other partner to be aroused due to the impact the stress has over their reproductive systems. If a woman was sexually abused at some point in their early life, they are likely to develop dryness since it’s psychological.

You shouldn’t be ignorant about the effect of some of the drugs you are taking now since they may cause the dryness problem. This usually happens to women who take medicines for some terminal illnesses like cancer. If you didn’t know that some health issues could cause vaginal dryness, you should discover that endometriosis is a major contributor to this. Since you may just be guessing what the real cause of vaginal dryness is, it is important to go to an experienced urogynecologist for medical help.

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